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Conscious Entrepreneur, Speaker / Writer / Mentor / Spiritual Guide


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A. Joseph Rosado
Founder, Milagro (Miracle) World Center
Founder, Milagros De Mundi (Miracles of the World) Foundation
Speaker, Writer and Teacher 
Social and Culinary Entrepreneur
Former Resident Guardian, The Chalice Well and Peace Gardens


Dear Friends,

I invite you to step into my world. I stepped on to my spiritual path in the early 1990's  with an intensive study of comparative mythology and the life, writings and teaching of Joseph Campbell. It was the beginning of my passionate intellectual and spiritual journey that continues today.


In 1996, my partner and I were selected from more than 250 applicants as the first and only U.S. guardians of Chalice Well and Peace Gardens in Glastonbury, Somerset, England.  The Chalice Well which is nestled between the Vale of Avalon, the famous Glastonbury Tor and Chalice Hill is truly one of Britain's most holy sites. More than 50,000 "pilgrims" visit the well and gardens each year.


As guardian of the well and gardens, I greeted the many pilgrims who entered the gates as part of their personal spiritual journey. My role as guardian was much greater than just gatekeeper though. I acted as historian and story teller of the enchantment of the well, the gardens and the retreat house as well as managed the operational and financial aspects of the entire site which offered accommodations as well as book and gift shop. During this three year tenure, many significant changes and additions were made. The financial gains realized from these changes and endowments allowed the Chalice Well Trust to become financially self-sustaining. When I felt my work was complete at this holy site in 1999 it was clearly evident that my future path was to focus on sacred travel throughout the world and to be a guide for others on their spiritual path. 


After eight years of being immersed in the magnificent rain and cloud forests of Panama, Central America I returned home to the United States of America. Over the years I have been a social and culinary entrepreneur - owning and managing a variety of businesses including a retail music storefront in New York City, a holistic center in Florida, sustainably-minded organic eateries in Florida and New Mexico and a sacred travel company. It is good to be home.


Currently I am a Founder and Director of the Milagro World Center and Miracles of the World Foundation. The Milagro (Miracle) World Center offers education, events and retreats - and brings conscious community together in highly interactive weekly teleconferences.  The Miracles of the World Foundation is supported by our 7,000 + sq ft. retail resale shop in Grayslake, Illinois - Wild Raspberry Resale Boutique and Warehouse.





Learn more at milagroworldcenter.com - sacredtravelinitiative.com - wildraspberryresale.com

"In this kitchen every plate is a prayer.."
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When you discover for yourself,
however dimly,
that you are rooted in something that is infinitely vast and potential 
you have found the soil wherein you grow unconsciously
into a most wonderful tree,
the tree of life blended with knowledge.



The Necessity of Transformational Retreats

An Article by A. Joseph Rosado Published in Natural Awakenings Magazine, September, 2017

"To be alone in one's mind and heart with a
nature not put together by the world is to be
one with all life,
responsive to it’s call
in every form.
Except in such aloneness there is no self realization.."
"What man really seeks is not perfection which is in the future, but fulfillment which is ever in the present."
A Call to Balance
"This isn't about men versus women or the masculine principle in perpetual opposition to the feminine. The issue is not who will hold the reins of power. It is simply that the universe runs at its best with fully actuated people at the helm.

Men and women alike should be called upon to reach for that greater level of personal understanding and internal wisdom. Those who understand the world, and are able to make informed, intelligent choices, are the most valuable participants in the greater challenge. We are then free to acknowledge, blend, honor, and celebrate both the masculine and feminine aspects within ourselves."

Joseph Rosado, Chalice Well, Glastonbury, England 1997
"In this kitchen every plate is a prayer.."
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"The universe called us to be together and the work it put before us was accomplished in lightness and love.  

So much laughter, so much fun, and so much in the moment. It  unfolded as it was meant to be every day" 


Darlis Mayes

July 2014 at the Chalice Well, Glastonbury" 

"Joseph and Nina, what you bring to the wholeness of the shift this century cannot be put into words. You have co-created a vehicle for change, Master Change. I am so happy that I have connected to you!"

Rev. Cassandra Martin

February, 2018 Milagro World Center

Thank you for providing the Sunday Service every week. To me this is what Church is. A time to get together and share our profound connection with each other, with nature, with the Divine. You nourish those, like myself, who are in the trenches, day after day, week after week, servicing the community. So grateful for every thing that you do. My Love and Gratitude to you.

Noel Moore

October 2018  Weekly Calling In the Field of the Miraculous

"Blessed be to the Creator for bringing Joseph and Nina to the Planet! What a gift they are

As visionaries, they powerfully hold and express the infinite goodness that is possible for humanity. Whenever the Milagro World Center puts out the call for individuals to gather, they attract participants that create momentum for a collective vision to emerge and evolve. Each person contributes to a master blueprint and more powerful expression in the world individually and collectively.

Erin Dewitt

Reiki Master Teacher, Sound Healer and Reconnective Healing Practitioner

Conscious Living


October 2017 Milagro World Center

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What an amazing place! what generous hosts! what sacred land, what peace, what awesome food! And this is just the beginning! This is a place where "every plate is a prayer" - and the food? well, heavenly! To be in nature was grounding and nurturing. The land and views are stunning. Our time here was just what we needed. Time with Joseph has been a great blessing and we are in awe of what will come next for him.


Bob Warner and Noel Marshall


Co-creators Convergence

March 2018 Milagro World Center Chiriqui Highlands, Panama

We were introduced to a multitude of blessings called the Milagro World Center, especially the blessings of who you are.  Joseph, your heart is a wonder to behold. Generously prepared food was both a pleasure to eat and a work of art to look at!  And of course, the beauty and bounty of nature on the property is definitely self-nurturing. 


David and Thalia Powell

May 2018 Milagro World, Chiriqui Highlands, Panama"

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