Affirmative Prayer


I am loved and accepted as I am.

As a part of life, I belong, matter and have intrinsic worth.
My unique patterns, constellations, and frequencies

are special, inimitable and precious.

I am amazing! 

As I hold an intention of gratitude and focus my attention

on what is arising in my conscious perceptual field of awareness,

I lean into my creative desire with passion and intense action.


I notice the outcome, acknowledge myself for taking action,

make any necessary course corrections (including seeking out support, feedback, asking for what I need or desire wisely and with grateful and respectful humility and continue my creative work in the world,

joyfully expressing my unique abilities, capacities and gifts as my natural rhythm unfolds with practice, passion, and persistence.

I reflect and journal my thoughts, feelings, and deep creative bubbling up daily, and review them regularly.

I take notes and create useful offerings to others from my own inner creativel ife.
This could include classes, retreats, festivals, music, writing, organizing, leading, speaking. 
I celebrate my existence and feel the Spirit of life singing in as and through the treasure, the beloved muse of me.
~ and so it is.