• A. Joseph Rosado

The Time is Now

Updated: Nov 3, 2018

“The nature of light is to shine.  The way of the river is to return home to its sea. The essences of human is being.  For the sage, there are no answers to important questions of existence, such as who am I? and why am I here?  The sage is silent; the sage is smiling; the sage just is.  We are all sages here on this call, on this gathering.  Many of us are at a crossroads.  This is our opportunity to make the most important, I feel decision that we will ever make.  Forget your past; who are you now?  Who have you decided you really are now?  Don’t think about who you have been; who are you now?  Who have you decided to become?  Make the decision consciously, make it carefully, and make it powerfully."  

"Right now is the perfect time to focus on our inner work—our affirmations, our visualizations, our meditations.  Now is the time to focus on our reality and stay balanced and calm and focused in each moment, irrespective of what is happening externally that is out of our control or not in our sphere of influence. I thought this morning about the divine feminine.  Today the divine feminine archetype does not defeat the dragon like the masculine hero.  She accepts the dragon for having dragon nature and loves it for what it is.  In this way, she conquers her enemy through the potent energies of the heart, the higher way that dissolves all dualism.  Instead of me against the dragon, it’s the dragon and I are one.  We are developing integration between the body and spirit.  From this integration there arises Divine tension, allowing for an unpolarized consciousness to unfold in unconditioned awareness."

"Family, I speak to you this morning and say to you the time has come for us to work together and take action and have an effect on the world. We have been born into a moment of unprecedented injustice and opportunity.  Our failure to act is itself a choice.  There is nowhere to hide from this awareness; it is time.  It is time for each of us to commit our energy, time, money, and attention to a vision of enduring peace and abundance, to a vision of humanity as a sound mind in a healthy body of the biosphere, to a vision of a world that works, to a vision of our children’s children growing up in a world without war, a world committed to the freedom and dignity of every individual regardless of race, sex, belief, or nation. A world committed to clean air, clean food, clean water for all.  A world united in the awareness that in diversity lies strength; a world more full of love than hatred.  

"It is time for each of us to vote with our lives, our daily lives, for the vision of a more hopeful future for generations to come.  Our purpose is to build a bridge.  The purpose of our bridge is to span the distance between our present situation and our vision of a better world. The beauty of this bridge is that once it is in place anyone can walk on it.  A few people can build a bridge that can be walked on by the many.  This is our response to the dangers that face us.  It is as individuals working alone or collectively in a group that we will accomplish this goal. This is the greatest challenge we have ever faced.  We humans are being given the opportunity to use what we’ve learned.  The time for action has arrived."

"I leave you with that message this morning... because I feel that it is time for us as a collective body here, not only individually, that it’s time for us to put our miracles to work, to work for all of humanity, to build that bridge. The time is now."  

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