• A. Joseph Rosado

Love With Abandon

Updated: Mar 13


JANUARY 20, 2019

"This morning, because it’s cold out there, I think of the homeless, and I think of those without families possibly, I speak of the spirit of loneliness. Let us not lose sight of the soul’s secret agenda, heading us on the path to freedom, heading like an arrow to the center of its truth. It insists on surprising us by pulling the ground from beneath our feet. Why do we insist on altering its course when all it ever wanted was to gather itself in the arms of the Highest and transform world suffering at the hand of our illusion. Sometimes it seems like we have all been abandoned and we're meant to go it alone. And like the Gods of creation, we have been driven to make something out of nothing for our comfort for indeed it can be a lonely, lonely world. Perhaps the truth is that Spirit is actually waiting patiently for our call, our invitation to come alive within us. And that loneliness itself is such a Spirit, know that it’s only hope is to find the perfect host. Perhaps the loneliness of the Universe itself needed our company, wanted to be expressed, needed to be felt, needed to be understood. Even the spirit of tragedy asks for its moment of glory. And though we judge such things, our souls take Spirit seriously so all things are on a secret mission together and serve each other despite our need to interfere. The spirit of loneliness entered our house eons ago. Perhaps it only wished for console and a warm embrace, and its only chance for transformation was to finally be greeted with grace.

"It’s important that we maintain our vibration, that kindred frequency, if you will. It’s important that we serve the light within the light. You are the light with your ability to be conscious and mindful and to act with wisdom and foresight. To serve the light means to show up, by which I mean to be present for yourself as your best and highest self. To show up for others, others in your life, others who may be lonely. We must love with abandon. To love with abandon is about kindness and compassion, but it is also about gratitude. Remind yourself right now of all the things people have done for you during your life, from the time you were a small child needing food, clothing, shelter, education, and affection. Think of all the people who had to show up so that you could be in a warm and comfortable environment and in this gathering, right this minute. There are countless people who work hard on themselves when you are not around so that you can enjoy this very moment. Send them love; love is rooted in gratitude. It is rooted in appreciation, and it is rooted in not forgetting all of the things that are done for you by others every single day and those who may be feeling lonely. We stand in love. Love will always carry you back to the doorstep…."

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