• A. Joseph Rosado

Befriend The Earth

“We are truly blessed to be loved and supported by Mother Earth every single day.  Taking a little time each day to focus on our feelings of love and appreciation becomes a sacred practice in our lives.  I go to that sacrosanct place where I commune with life - sunlight warming my bones, my senses tantalized by intense flashes of color and a broad palette of fragrance.  I slip my naked fingers deep into the moist, rich earth, and I reconnect, like plugging directly into Source.  Gently and subtly I feel my energy levels rise and my worries and concerns seem to melt away.

This sacred land contains my family - wise elders, revered brothers, and my deeply loved and cherished  green children.  Every time I visit, I leave feeling warmth in the deepest recesses of my heart and blessed—oh, so very blessed.  May we always walk the path of truth.  May you give it all your worth.  May you rise every day even stronger to befriend the earth.  May we learn to celebrate the beauty and the bounty of the earth and develop a sense of gratitude for all the gifts of life that we receive.  We are blessed—oh, so very blessed!"  

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